Care instructions

Care instructions

All our silver jewellery are made in solid sterling silver 925 and finished with a Rhodium layer. Sterling Silver 925 contains 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% from a solid nickel free metal alloy.   This 7.5% metal alloy is added to give more strength to the jewels, without reducing the shiny finish of the Silver.

Rhodium is a precious metal. All our jewels are electrolytic coated with a Rhodium layer to prevent oxidation and maintain their lustre. This procedure has a tendency to give the gems the same bright appearance as “white gold”. The same method is also applied for gilding of jewellery.

Jewellery care, general tips

We strongly advise against wearing jewellery at domestic or rough work, sunbathing (solarium) and sports. Cleaning products, chlorine, salt, extreme bright sunlight & excessive sweat might damage jewellery.

After applying makeup, body lotion, hairspray & perfume we recommend to wait a half an hour before getting any jewellery on.

Pearls live and love human contact but have “hydrophobia” after their «water life». Avoid wearing pearls in bath, shower, sea and swimming pool.  Natural human skin (free of cosmetics & perfume) protects pearls and increases their gloss.

If not worn, all jewels are best stored away, apart from each other, in a soft cloth (handkerchief). If one is not to wear the jewel for a long time, it is ideal to put the soft cloth containing the gem in a hermetically sealed plastic bag. The “Pimente” gift box in which your jewel was packed conforms perfectly..

Ultrasonic cleaning equipment are to be avoided, they can only and only be used for Diamond, Sapphire and Ruby.

We recommend cleaning jewellery with a soft cloth, but the best way to prevent any oxidation is to wear them regularly.

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