General conditions of sales or GCS. Webshop purchases

General conditions of sales or GCS. Webshop


These terms and conditions of sale (known below as “GCS“) express the parties’ full obligations. These GCS will prevail over any other conditions contained in any other document, except prior, explicit and written derogation. The customer acknowledges that he was aware, at the time of the ordering within the online store of the & website, of these particular conditions of sale set out on this screen and expressly states that he accepts them without reservation and in their entirety. Cannellis sàrl, for its part, undertakes to respect its role as seller under these conditions. The customer acknowledges that he is informed that his agreement regarding the content of these GCS does not require the handwritten signature of this document, as long as he wishes to order online the products and services presented as part of the online shop & The consumer has the power to safeguard or publish these terms and conditions, being specified that both the safeguard and the publication of this document are his sole responsibility, as these general terms of sale may be subject to change. In this case, the applicable conditions will be those in effect on the site on the date of the order.

Our online store & is operated by Cannellis sàrl. They mention the following information: Legal mentions allowing an accurate identification of the company Cannellis sàrl. The presentation and descriptions of the essential characteristics of the proposed goods. The price to pay for goods and services are offered in Euros, all Taxes Included for the countries of the European Community. The prices shown do not include shipping and insurance costs, which are displayed prior to the final purchase. The total price of your order, including all ancillary and shipping costs, will be shown at the end of the checkout process. By confirming the order, you state that you agree to the price for the goods. The price cannot be adjusted after the completion of the check-out process.

The indication of payment, delivery, or execution. The existence of a right of retraction. And the validity of the offer and the price. All this information is presented in English and French. Photographic representations of our products are given indicatively only. These can appear more or less large and their colours can show discrepancies of nuances, due to the constraints of display on screens. If errors or alterations resulting from the processing of these photographs have been introduced, Cannellis sàrl will not be liable for this. Before ordering, the client declares that he has the legal capacity (to be of age, not to be under guardianship or curatorial) allowing him to commit under these GCS. The sales contract thus perfectly concluded is subject to Luxembourg law.

Cannellis sàrl presents on its website & products for sale with the necessary and sufficient characteristics so that the potential consumer can know, before the final ordering, the essential characteristics of the products he wishes to buy. Offers submitted by Cannellis sàrl are only valid within the limits of available stocks. Cannellis sàrl will make its best efforts to ensure that the photographic representation of the products on the & site is as accurate as possible.

However, it is possible that the perception of the product or products does not fully correspond to the products. The products are presented in photography sometimes with other products. The description will mention what is or is not part of the product. Cannellis sàrl cannot be held responsible for the breach of contract concluded in the event of a stock outage or unavailability of the product, force majeure, disruption or total or partial strike, including postal and transport services and/or communications, flooding, fire. The total or partial impossibility of using the products, in particular because of equipment incompatibility, cannot give rise to any compensation or reimbursement or questioning of Cannellis sàrl’ s liability, since the customer remains the sole judge of the compatibility of the products ordered with those already in his possession. Cannellis sàrl guarantees the buyer, under the hidden defects that may affect the products delivered, in the context of a replacement of defective products, or parts making them unsuitable for their use, or their reimbursement without being considered by the buyer as responsible for any harmful consequences that these hidden defects could have entailed.

Automatic registration systems are considered to be worth proof of the nature, content and date of the order. Cannellis sàrl confirms the acceptance of its order to the customer at the email address that he has communicated. The sale will only be concluded after the confirmation of the order. Cannellis sàrl reserves the right to cancel any order from a customer with whom there is a dispute over the payment of a previous order. Any order paid by transfer will only be processed upon receipt of payment. In the absence of payment, the order is considered null and void. Availability and shipping times are to be recalculated from the date of payment receipt. Cannellis sàrl recommends that customers keep a reliable paper or computer track of their order data. The customer must verify the completeness and compliance of the information he provides when taking an order. This information engages the buyer: in the event of an error, especially in the wording of the recipient’s contact information, the seller cannot be held responsible for these typing errors and the consequences in terms of delay or delivery error or impossibility of delivery. In this context, all costs incurred for the re-shipment will be borne by the customer.

The prices mentioned are in euros. The price shown on the product listings does not include transportation. The price shown in the order confirmation is the final price, expressed all taxes included and including VAT. This price includes the price of the products, the costs of handling, packaging and preserving the products, the costs of transportation and commissioning. Prices take into account the VAT applicable on the day of the order and any change in the statutory rate of VAT will be automatically passed on to the price of the products presented on the site, on the date stipulated by the law amending the rate. The full payment must be made at the time of the order, unless a specific offer indicated on the site. At no time can the sums paid be considered as deposits or instalments.

The price charged to the customer is the price indicated on the order confirmation sent to him by Cannellis sàrl. The payment of the entire price is due as soon as the order is made. The Customer has the choice between the several payment methods presented upon purchase. The Customer guarantees Cannellis sàrl that it has the necessary authorizations to use the payment method chosen by Cannellis sàrl, when validating the purchase order. In the context of a credit card payment, Cannellis sàrl implements all necessary means to ensure the security and confidentiality of your data transmitted online. This online payment uses the SLL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol via Stripe system. The information transmitted is encrypted by software and cannot be read during transport on the network. The customer finds that the transmission is encrypted by software as soon as the padlock symbol appears in your browser. Moreover, at the time of the passage of the bank details (card number and date of validity), the URL becomes URL https (the “s” indicating security) and no longer a http address. In accordance with the Electronic Signature Act of 13 March 2000, the online transmission of the card number and the final validation of the order are proof of the full order and the due payment of the order. The order validated by the customer will not be considered effective until the relevant bank payment center has given its consent. A refusal of authorization by the banking center results in the cancellation of the order as of right and without compensation and the customer will be notified by e-mail. In addition, if an incident occurs when the order is registered, it is null, and void and the Customer must repeat the ordering procedure. The debit of purchases to the customer’s account is made at the time of processing of the order. Cannellis sàrl reserves the right to suspend all order management and delivery in the event of a refusal of authorization to pay by credit card by officially accredited organizations or in case of non-payment. Similarly, Cannellis sàrl reserves the right to refuse to make a delivery or honor an order from a consumer who has not paid a previous order in full or only partially or with which a payment dispute is being administered. Only the original purchaser of this property can claim to have access to the terms of these terms and conditions of sale. Bill The order order that the Customer establishes online or the confirmation of order sent by email to the Customer by Cannellis sàrl does not act as an invoice. The invoice is not attached to the package during delivery.


Cannellis sàrl cannot be held responsible for any damage of any kind, whether material, immaterial or bodily, that could result from malfunctioning or misuse of marketed products. Cannellis sàrl’ s liability will, in any event, be limited to the amount of the order and cannot be questioned for simple errors or omissions that could have persisted despite all the precautions taken in the presentation of the products. In the event of difficulties in the application of this contract, the buyer has the possibility, before any legal action, to seek an amicable solution, notably with the help of a professional association, a consumer association or any other advice of his choice. It is recalled that the search for an amicable solution does not interrupt the “short delay” of the legal guarantee, nor the duration of the contractual guarantee. It is recalled that, as a general rule and subject to the discretion of the courts, compliance with the provisions of this contract relating to the contractual guarantee assumes that the purchaser honors his financial commitments to the seller. Complaints or challenges will always be received with kindness and attention, as good faith is always presumed in those who take the trouble to expose their problem. In the event of a dispute, the Customer will first contact the company for an amicable solution. Or a mediator could be invoked

In all cases, Cannellis sàrl cannot be held liable for non-compliance with the regulatory and legislative provisions in force in the receiving country, the liability of Cannellis sàrl is systematically limited to the value of the product in question, value on its date of sale and without recourse to the brand or the company producing the product. In any case, the client benefits from the legal guarantee of eviction and hidden defects. Provided the buyer proves the hidden defect, the seller must legally repair all the consequences; if the buyer goes to court, he must do so in a “short time” after the discovery of the hidden defect. You can contact customer service by email at:

The validation “click” is an electronic signature. Any purchase order signed by the consumer by “click” validation constitutes an irrevocable acceptance that can only be called into question in the limited cases provided for in these GCS. The “double click” associated with the authentication and non-repudiation procedure and the protection of the integrity of messages is an electronic signature. This electronic signature has between parts the same value as a handwritten signature.

The client has 14 days to exercise his right of withdrawal without having to pay penalties, except for the return fee. This period runs from the day the customer receives the items. The right of withdrawal is exercised by contacting the customer service of the company Cannellis sàrl , or via the retraction form ( download the form here)
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Any product that is damaged, worn, incomplete, or whose original packaging is deteriorated, will not be refunded or exchanged. Cannellis sàrl suggests that the Customer return its products in a registered post with additional assurance of the market value of the products, guaranteeing it, if necessary, the compensation of the products at their real market value in the event of plunder or loss of this commodity. In any case, the return takes place at the customer’s risk and costs. It will be up to the customer to keep any proof of return. Cannellis sàrl recommends that the Consumer Be Over-packed the original packaging of its products in the event of a retraction of this contract, Cannellis sàrl will refund all payments received, except for the return costs.  In any event, no later than fourteen days from the day Cannellis sàrl is informed of the decision to withdraw this contract. If the goods have been delivered, this period is short from the day the property is recovered or the proof of the property’s shipment is received. Cannellis sàrl will make the refund using the same means of payment that the customer used for the original transaction, unless it is expressly agreed to in a different way; In any event, this refund will not result in any cost to the customer.

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